Living Research 2018

Jon took part in this Research trip investigating maker cultures in China. Click above to read the collaborative blog entry with Kat Braybrooke and Ingrid Murphy about the relationships between makerspaces and government policy in China.

Moving Mephitic air 2017

Working as part of Superflux and collaborating with Strange Telemetry and Wesley Goatley. Jon helped design and organise this installation using data from Superflux’s Buggyair sensor to visualize and sonify pollution data.

The Future Energy Lab 2017

Whilst at Superflux Jon helped design and create various artefacts for The Future Energy Lab commissioned by The UAE Ministry of Energy. Above is an air inhalator that would give participants a flavour of air samples from the years 2020, 2028 and 2034.

Uninvited Guests 2015

Jon designed and made these smart home props for the Design fiction film ‘Uninvited Guests’ while working at superflux commissioned by ThingTank a research consortium investigating the Internet of Things.

Subliminal Reflection 2013

Jon was part of Almost Silent with Hiroshi Ito, Katsuhiro Ito and Sung Ting Hsieh an interactive art collective. They created this installation which used an EEG sensor to visualize brainwave data with sound and visual projections. It was exhibited at the Vyner studio in Vyner street London.

Bank of Morals 2012

Jon created this project inspired by proverbs around money. The Moral Wealth Vessel is a fictional product that allows you see how your spending decisions impacted the life of a money plant. The glass ware was produced by Ray and Terry at Chem Glassware in Wanstead London.