Microhabitats for the Post Anthropocene World 2020

I developed a collage making and prototyping workshop with Carolina Pinto. Students were tasked with creating shelters for creatures inhabiting a post-human world. This was presented at the University of the Underground in Amsterdam, as part of the 'Turquoise Desert’ Research Bureau program.

The Basement Bakery 2019-Ongoing

This ongoing project began during the 'Turquoise Desert’ Research Bureau field trip to Cairo, Egypt. It investigates how bread has transformed into a strange commodity, produced in bulk with many ingredients, requiring elaborate machines and assembly lines to make and seeks to uncover how bread became so complicated.

Moonshot Café 2018

With Vytas Jankauskas working as VJF we designed a café/exhibition space from 2030. It displayed moonshot prototypes and future narratives for the futur/io Moonshots for Europe programme.

Living Research 2018

I took part in this Research trip investigating maker cultures in China. Click here to read the collaborative blog entry with Kat Braybrooke and Ingrid Murphy about the relationships between makerspaces and government policy in China.

Discount Futures 2017

With Vytas Jankauskas working as VJF we created a two-part workshop designed for visiting students from Miriam College in the Philippines. It was part of the 2017 Goldsmiths Design Summer School series.

Moving Mephitic air 2017

Working as part of Superflux and collaborating with Strange Telemetry and Wesley Goatley. I helped design and organise this installation using data from Superflux’s Buggyair sensor to visualize and sonify pollution.

Mitigation of Shock 2017

I helped create a London flat from 2050 impacted by the effects of Climate Change while at Superflux. This was shown at the 'After the End of the World' exhibition at the CCCB in Barcelona.

The Future Energy Lab 2017

Whilst at Superflux, I helped design and create various artefacts for The Future Energy Lab commissioned by The UAE Ministry of Energy. Above is an air inhalator that would give participants a flavour of air samples from the years 2020, 2028 and 2034.

Buggyair 2016-Ongoing

I designed and deployed highly accurate air pollution sensors whilst working for Superflux. These were loaned to communities around London, to bring about positive policy change.

Muto Labs 2016

At Superflux, I designed and made the demo products for Mūtō Labs, a fictional startup which infiltrated the FundForum International investment management conference in Berlin. Mūtō explored futures around finance and asset management.

Uninvited Guests 2015

I designed and made these smart home props for the Design fiction film ‘Uninvited Guests’ whilst at Superflux commissioned by ThingTank a research consortium investigating the Internet of Things.

Drone Aviary 2015

At Superflux, I worked on the R&D project Drone Aviary, designing and making a family of five drones. Each of the drones harnessed attributes of wider socio-technical trends seen at the time.

Sensing Transmissions 2014

A radio trio made for a community of vintage wireless and television experts to engage with their personal stories, experiences, and expertise. It was created with Cameron Poole on the MA Interaction Design program at Goldsmiths, University of London. For the Public Bodies brief in collaboration with Microsoft Research.

Bird Remotes 2013

The 'Robin Remote' and 'Owl gun' were two nudge devices I prototyped. They lowered the volume on noisy home equipment, from TVs to stereos and laptops. Reminding us how noise pollution in the city is rendering bird song obsolete, as well as the consequences this has on our well being.

Subliminal Reflection 2013

I was part of Almost Silent with Hiroshi Ito, Katsuhiro Ito and Sung Ting Hsieh an interactive art collective. We created Subliminal Reflection an installation which used an EEG sensor to visualize brainwave data with sound and visual projections. It was exhibited at the Vyner studio in Vyner street London.

Bank of Morals 2012

I created this project inspired by proverbs about money. The Moral Wealth Vessel is a fictional product that allows you to see how your spending decisions impact the life of a money plant. The glassware was produced by Ray and Terry at Chem Glassware in Wanstead London.